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Air Purifier Buying Guide ― 7 Important Questions to Answer

Cleaner indoor airIf you are looking to buy an air purifier for your home you can save a lot of time and money and make a much better choice by answering the 7 questions ahead.

You’ll learn what different kinds of air filters can and can’t do, why room size is so important, optional features and operating costs, why ACH and CADR rating matter, special considerations for asthma and allergy sufferers, and whether you should look for a HEPA, carbon, UV, ionizing or combination air purifier. …

Indoor Air Pollution: Common Sources, Negative Consequences & Simple Solutions

children wearing masks due to indoor air pollutionThe air that you breathe inside your house or apartment each day is likely to be much more polluted than you might think.

Just what causes poor indoor air quality though, what are the most common sources and what can you do to improve it for you and your family?

Also ahead, surprising symptoms of breathing in allergens like mold spores and dust mite waste products, long term negative health effects and simple ways to dramatically reduce airborne contaminants and pollutants within your home. …

What Does an Air Purifier Do & How Do They Work?

clean air inside homeIndoor air purifiers have become incredibly popular in recent years in America, but what exactly do they do, how does an air purifier work and why would you want to have one in your house or apartment?

Ahead is just how polluted the air inside your home can be, how using new air cleaning technology can help, the many health benefits of air purification and important factors when considering whether an air purifier will work for you and your family. …