Cleario Plug-In Review: Stylish Wall-Socket Ionic Generator

Cleario Wall Socket Ionic GeneratorSearching for a good plug-in ion generator on Amazon, you may come across the well-designed Cleario model, available here in a 2 pack with free shipping and a 60-day moneyback guarantee from the manufacturer.

The product description says “this small plug in device will freshen any room in your house, dorm or office” and they say it’s “effective in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and litter box rooms.”

The Cleario produces 10 million negative ions, like the Clarifion Air Soap plug-in. However it has less positive customer ratings and not as detailed product information.

It’s also less clear whether this model produces ozone alongside negative ions. If so, this can be harmful to asthmatics and people with other respiratory problems.

The Cleario is currently more expensive than the Haphid ionizer model and less proven than the ionMi air purifier, so it’s difficult to rank it as one of the best plug-in ionizers currently on the market.

Now in 2023 there are newer and better models than the Cleario available to compare. Consider one of these top 15 plug-in air purifiers under $25.

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