Haphid Pluggable Air Purifier Review

Haphid-plug-in-air-purifierThe Haphid wall air purifier works plugged in to any standard power point. Once connected it generates an impressive 32 million ions per second, according to the manufacturer.

They also state that the Haphid socket ionizer produces no ozone, no electromagnetic radiation and has completely silent operation.

Ionic technology is improving all the time, and with 4 brush ion generators an output of 32 million negative ions is possible. Though being newer, this model is less proven technology than competitors like the Clarifion Plug-In Ionizer or particularly the ionMi USB Ionic Air Purifier.

I do like that the design only has 2 small working indicator and  lights, rather than the overly bright ‘nightlights’ of many similar products. It’s also quite small and compact with dimensions of 2.17 x 3.35 x 1.97 inches.

Cheap Multi-Room Air Cleaning

The biggest selling point for the Haphid negative ion generator though is the very low price here on Amazon for a 3 pack.

I’m skeptical of this model’s listed 300 ft² air cleaning range though. Like all small plug-in ionic air purifiers, they work best in smaller enclosed spaces.

However, with 3 units you can plug them into the power sockets in bathrooms, bedrooms, in the kitchen, laundry or wherever bad smells and indoor air pollution is a problem.

Customer reviews are predominantly positive and the questions and answers section here is useful for deciding if the Haphid is right for your home.

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