IonMi Review — Best USB Ionic Air Purifier

Ion-Mi Mini Air IonizerIf you’d like to use healthy negative ions to purify the air around you of airborne germs, cigarette smoke, volatile organic compounds, mold spores and other floating allergens and pathogens, then the new IonMi is a great choice.

This little corona discharge ionic machine generates an impressive 20 million negatively-charged ions per second. You can see it here on Amazon at a very good price for such a high negative ion output.

USB Powered and Works Unplugged

Rather than being powered from an electrical wall socket, this miniature air ionizer plugs directly into any USB point for charging.

That means you can use it plugged into a laptop or computer, phone charging point or in a car with an USB adapter. You can even use it on an airplane if your seat has a USB outlet, as most do nowadays.

The ionMi works without being plugged in as well. According to IonPacific, it will last for 14 hours on regular output and at least 3 days in power saving mode. This makes it a great ionizer to take traveling.

USB Ion GeneratorThis plug-in air cleaner is also useful in the workplace. Plug it into your PC’s USB port to clean the air while you work and combat debilitating positive ion pollution from electrical equipment.

Or, once charged, you can just have it sitting nearby on your work desk or on a coffee table while you watch TV in the evenings.

Some customer reviewers even recommend wearing it around your neck, though a proper negative ion necklace is more suitable for this purpose.

This little USB-powered ionizing machine is only 3.9 × 4.3 inches and weighs just 5.6 ounces That makes it small enough to fit in the palm of your hand and highly portable.

You can see the new ionMi from IonPacific at a very affordable price here. It’s the best USB-powered air purifier and ionizer currently on the market in 2023.

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