KOIOS Desktop Air Purifier Review

Cheap dorm air cleanerFor a small bedroom, study or dorm room air purifier at a low price, the KOIOS desktop air cleaner is a good value option.

It has a sleek and compact design and, at only 6.5 x 10.2 inches and 4.1 pounds in weight, it’s highly portable and takes up very little space wherever you position it.

Cheap and Compact Small Room Air Filter

Best positioned on a bedside table within arms reach of where you sleep, the KOIOS uses 3 small combination True HEPA/activated carbon filters to purify the air of allergens like dust, pollen, mold spores and dust mite waste, that affect your breathing and interrupt vital sleep.

No annoying lights and very quiet at just 20 dB in sleep mode. Customer feedback here on Amazon (the first reviewer is a perfect example) describe why this little air filter makes such a good dorm room or small bedroom air purifier.

KOIOS True HEPA Filter Pros and Cons


  • 3 True HEPA/activated carbon filters to capture airborne allergens right down to 0.3 microns while you sleep and 100% ozone free.
  • Small, compact and portable. Can sit on a bedside table and will take up little space in your bedroom or dorm room.
  • CADR of 80 m²/hr. This is nowhere near the power of the Levoit Core 300, which is only a bit bigger. It is, however, superior to most similar sized and priced competitors who usually only have 50 m²/hr CADR.
  • Energy-efficient, 2 fan speeds, simple controls, no lights and super quiet at 20 dB in sleep mode so well designed for bedrooms.
  • Extra long 3-year warranty, according to KOIOS, and lots of positive customer reviews and feedback.
  • Great value at such a low price.


    • This small room air purifier’s low price reflects its limited range, CADR and air changes per hour.
  • Filters should be changed every 6 months if used regularly. They are a bit lower in price than competitors and you can find them for sale here. Keep in mind this ongoing cost though.
  • Even though the KOIOS HEPA air filter doesn’t generate negative ions and is completely ozone free, some customer reviews say it cannot be delivered to California. This is likely because the makers haven’t applied for CARB certification yet.

KOIOS Desktop in Summary

If you want to save money on an air cleaner for a small room, the KOIOS desktop air purifier is a quiet and compact option for smaller bedrooms, dorm rooms and other compact spaces.

Check the current price and read the many helpful customer comments here.

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