Levoit Core 300 Air Purifier Review: Pros and Cons

Core 300 Air FilterLevoit are an American based company with a reputation for high-quality air purification devices and have made many best-selling models over the years.

Their new Core 300 Vortex True HEPA air cleaner, with 4 different pollution filters, is their newest and most impressive model yet for the low price.

Best Value High Powered Desktop HEPA Air Filter

Using an advanced 360° centrifugal intake for stronger airflow, the Core 300 can refresh the air in a 215 ft² room 5 times every hour. 10 times or more in a smaller room under 100 ft².

It also has an very high CADR of 230+ m² per hour, outstanding for its small size.

This much air cleaning power is highly recommended for asthma and allergy sufferers. It also combats intruding air pollution from external sources, like wildfire smoke and traffic smog.

The Levoit Core 300 is surprisingly low noise, despite its powerful air circulation and purification properties. Using Levoit’s proprietary technology, this compact air filter is whisper quiet at just 24 dB in sleep mode.

Unlike many air purifiers on Amazon, this model can be sold in California as it is ozone free and has undergone CARB certification It is also AHAM certified for dust (140), smoke (141) and pollen (145).

You can check the current price and see home pictures and thousands of customer reviews of this impressive and popular design here.

Customizable Filters

The newest Levoit air purifier comes fitted with a medical-grade H13 True HEPA filter combined with nylon pre-filter, activated carbon and airtight sealing.

This combination effectively removes 99.97% of airborne pollen, dust, pet dander, mold spores and cockroach and dust mite waste products in any room.

It also heavily reduces offensive odors, cooking smells and harmful gases from furniture and flooring called volatile organic compounds.

In a rarely seen feature, there are also 3 different replacement filter options available for the Levoit Core 300. They are:

  1. Toxin Absorber (for harmful gaseous air pollution and toxic smoke).
  2. Pet Allergy (for bad smells and allergens from dogs, cats and other pets).
  3. Mold Bacteria (with antibacterial filter to trap germs and allergenic mold spores).

All of these different filter options are here. There’s a filter warning light on the Core 300 to let you know when a filter change is required.

If you choose this high recommended Levoit air purifier for your home then it’s a good idea to get one of these at the same time as an extra filter.

Pros and Cons


  • Powerful and high tech True HEPA air purifier that takes up little space. AHAM tested and CARB certified for sale in California.
  • 5 full air changes per hour in a 215 ft² room. Double that in a smaller room 100 ft² or less. Recommended for allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • CADR of 230+ m²/hr is better than many larger and significantly more expensive air purifiers.
  • H13 medical-grade True HEPA/activated carbon filters with Toxin Absorber/Pet Allergy/Mold Bacteria optional replacements.
  • 3 fan speeds, auto timer and ultra quiet at 24 dB in sleep mode with no distracting nightlights.
  • Compact at 8.7 x 14.2 inches and light and portable at 8.75 pounds. Works well on a bedside table, kitchen counter or coffee table to maximize space.
  • New model from a respected brand. 2 year warranty “if you extend the original one-year by submitting a warranty card”, according to Levoit.
  • Ozone free, energy star verified, free shipping and great value.


  • Does not have an air ionizer to generate negative ions.
  • Levoit say there may be a plastic smell when you first unwrap this model. Running it for a few hours in a well-ventilated room on high speed should remove the smell.

Levoit Core 300 in Summary

Reviewing the new Core 300 model from Levoit there is very little to criticize.

It’s a well-designed and powerful HEPA air filter at a surprisingly low price compared to its competition.

Running almost silently in sleep mode it’s perfect for a bedroom, study or other rooms where you need cleaner air without excessive noise.

While it could work well in a large lounge or living room, smaller rooms like bedrooms will give its best performance. Then again, being lightweight and portable you could even use it in both.

Check the current price here for the highly recommended Levoit Core 300 True HEPA air filter. This new air purifier performs better than many more costly competitors.

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