PIDOIM Purifier Review: Cheapest and Slimmest Plug-In Ionizer

PIDOIM Plug-In PurifierThe PIDOIM purifier is a slimmer ionic plug-in ionizer model versus other competitor designs, with dimensions of 4.45 × 1.8 x 1.57 inches.

According to the manufacturer, this unit generates 20 million negative ions per second, measured at 2 inches from the device. They also say it has silent operation and no radiation.

The slim shape, with just a small green light, would make it suitable for bedrooms, offices and other rooms where you don’t want distracting lights. And many customer reviews on this little ion machine specifically recommend it for this purpose.

The PIDOIM outlet air purifier is relatively new and unproven but offers impressive ion generation in a different design to other competitors in the market like the Clarifion and portable ionMi.

It’s also one of the cheapest plug-in air cleaning options available. You can see it here on Amazon with free delivery within the USA.

There’s 15 newer low-cost pluggable ionizers here to compare with the PIDOIM purifier and many of these models are available at an even cheaper price.

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