Silver Onyx Desk Air Purifier Review

Silver Onyx 5in1The Silver Onyx desk HEPA filter has some impressive air cleaning technology packed into it, including extras you don’t often see at this size.

Within its compact tower design this model utilizes 5 different stages of air purification:

  1. An H13 medical-grade True HEPA filter. H13 HEPA is superior to H11 filters used in the majority of competitors.
  2. A mesh prefilter to trap hairs, lint and pet dander. This can be vacuumed occasionally to increase the HEPA filter’s efficiency.
  3. An activated charcoal filter to neutralize bad smells and odors. Activated charcoal also combats harmful VOCs and can remove indoor ozone.
  4. An optional ‘Vita-Ion’ air ionizer, generating 3 million ions per second. Negative ions combat tiring positive ion pollution in office environments.
  5. An optional UV-C light with antibacterial photocatalyst layer to kill viruses and bacteria. Office cubicles are often full of airborne pathogens so this is a useful feature to have.

The Silver Onyx air cleaner comes in 3 stylish black, silver and white designs and is 10.5 x 16.5 inches and weighs 5.3 pounds.

The touch control panel on top has extra features, usually only seen in larger and more expensive models including:

    • 5 fan speeds in manual mode. Set it on high to clear smoke, when pets are around or on heavy pollen days.
    • An auto mode that adjusts to the level of indoor air pollution and displays different colors, blue for good down to red for poor, on the air quality indicator.
    • A PM 2.5 air quality indicator so you can tell how the Silver Onyx is working to purify the air in your workspace.
    • An auto timer you can set from 30 minutes to a full 24 hours.
    • Optional ionizer and UV-C/photocatalyst buttons. Both of these functions can be switched on or off.
    • Sleep mode, where lights turn off and the fan runs at the lowest speed. Silver Onyx says their tabletop model is whisper quiet in sleep mode at just 25 dB.

Desktop Silver Onyx

The Silver Onyx air purifier and ionizer is very popular. There are currently over 3000 positive ratings here on Amazon in 2023.

There are home videos and helpful customer reviews, like one who tested it against PM 2.5 with counter.

SilverOnyx Pros and Cons


  • H13 HEPA filters are more effective at trapping smaller particulate matter right down to 0.3 microns.
  • 360-degree purification design provides a larger air surface area to trap more airborne pollutants and allergens.
  • 5 stage air filtration with medical-grade H13 HEPA; prefilter; activated charcoal for odors and chemicals; ionizer; and UV-C/photocatalyst filter for viruses and bacteria.
  • CADR of 140 m³/hr is high for its size. On high speed this unit will move quite a lot of air.
  • PM 2.5 sensor, 5 fan speeds, 24-hour timer, auto mode, sleep mode and optional ionizer and UV-C buttons.
  • Stylish and compact metal design that looks good on any desk. Black, silver and white color options.


  • Combination H13 HEPA/activated charcoal filters need to be replaced every 6 to 12 months, depending on how often you use your air purifier.
  • May be more than some people are looking to spend. See a budget air filters like this for cheaper air cleaning options.
  • Cannot be delivered to California as lacking CARB certification.

In Summary

Silver Onxy Cubicle Purifier

The Silver Onyx is a high quality and compact HEPA air filter for desks and tables with many extra features.

It’s multi-stage air filtration, with H13 HEPA, activated charcoal, germicidal UV light and optional ionizer, removes dust, pollen, pet dander, mold spores, airborne germs and harmful volatile organic compounds from the air you breathe.

Customer reviews mention how effective it is for cigarette smoke, pet smells and other offensive odors as well.

The Silver Onyx is a simple and effective way to improve the air quality in your home or office. For best results position it quite close to where you spend the most time each day.

You can check the current price on Amazon and see many more pictures and videos of this well designed air purifier.

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